Pixels, Pixels, Pixels!

Yep, those tiny magic blocks that make up images. This is where our attention to detail kicks off! We ensure that every design is carefully pieced together at the pixel level to deliver art pieces you would proudly use. We embrace the power of detail to capture the essence of beauty and creativity. Every product is a living testament to our passion to deliver artistic styles that resonate with the soul. Welcome to a world where pixels pave the way for boundless imagination, artistic vision and where quality’s the name of the game!.

You’re invited to our FIESTA!

We’re throwing a fiesta of designs that’ll jazz up your life! And guess what? You won’t be partying alone. Our goodies are all about spreading good vibes. So, get ready to share the joy, because you’re officially invited to the coolest design party in town! Your life will be bursting with vibrant moments, and each of our products will be part of creating fun memories you’ll cherish forever.

Our Team

We’re a bunch of artsy adventurers who think the world’s one big canvas waiting to be splashed with creativity. Life’s all about the good vibes and that’s what we’re all about. Our team’s a wild mix of imagination and talent, all crammed together in the pursuit of making your days brighter. We’ve got ideas popping like confetti, and our mission? Creating products that practically scream ‘joy’ every time you look at ’em.

We’re enthusiasts who stop at nothing to make your shopping experience top-notch. We're not satisfied until you're grinning from ear to ear with your purchase.

John Mercury Designer

We aim to thrive by earning your trust every step of the way. Our community of satisfied customers knows we're here to deliver nothing but the best.

Sandra Johanson Creative director

Meet Our Team

Hellena Mour

Advertisement Manager

Anna Tomson

Creative Director

Julia Stoune